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Friday, June 8, 2012

Pass the Iniquity, Please!

If the world’s descent into moral indecency includes chocolate, I probably need an extra dose of grace. 

Don't worry, it's my middle name. 

This is especially true for Sin in a Tin. (Take a moment to remove whatever thought may have just popped into your head.) Behold…

If this chocolate is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

The angel on your shoulder may be saying: “Just another bag of calories you’re going to exercise off later.” Don’t listen to him. (Her?) The calories are worth whatever form of torture you choose to endure later. (Unless, of course, it includes eternal punishment.)

It makes a great gift or you could add it to a tray of fruit and cookies and bring it to your next gathering. You will be the sin-ter of attention (I know. Lame joke.) You could just do what I do… hide it in the fridge and take it out for a slice in moments of weakness. Anyway, we can all feel a little bit holy, because Sin in a Tin and its tart cousin Lemon Lust, are made by locals: Guthrie’s in Pensacola, Florida. And aren’t we special? All the Publix stores in Baldwin County carry it. Look in the frozen dessert section.

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