The Low Down

Monday, June 18, 2012

Girls Weekend: Not Without Incident.

Hi!! Here are the exclamation points, as promised!!!!!! It's just going to be an abbreviated version for now.

Here's a summary of the weekend so far:
1. Dinner at Dragonfly in Fairhope.(Yum!)
2. Blueberry Picking/Eating (Double Yum!)
3. Kayaking Trip down Fish River (So fun!!)
4. Phone Drowned (Boo.)
5. Dinner at Big Daddy's (Again.)
6. Lunch at Derailed Diner (Odd.)
7. Beach Lounging (Yes!)
8. Biking the OB/GS Back Country Trail (Double YES!)
9. Dinner at Bravos Tacos (Yes! Yes! Yes!!!)

I promise I will blog about these things this week, but I really must prepare for our jaunt to New Orleans!

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