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Monday, June 4, 2012

Heaven on Earth Update

It was so much fun. Dreamy, in fact. Some of the highlights from the annual camping trip:

1. Swimming with wild dolphin mother and baby. Seriously. You can do it too, just take a jet ski or a kayak out to the end of the jetties. They are always there and they want to meet you!

2. Sleeping in a hammock on the beach. Fun, although I don't recommend doing what J's brother and wife did. Lesson Learned: sharing a hammock all night is never a good idea.

3. Playing football at sunset.

Okay, I admit, I flaked out this year after a full day of being washing-machined by waves and being stung on the finger by a bee who really liked my floral-print tank top. But don't they look so snazzy? My hottie bf is the QB, of course. :)

4. Eating. Period.

Want more pics from the camping trip? Follow me on Instagram! My ID is Gra_Bee. See you there!

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