The Low Down

Friday, November 11, 2011

Tea Party

This post has nothing to do with real politics.

But, if there is ever an election between coffee and tea, I’d vote a straight ticket for coffee 11 months out of the year. Fittingly, my voting allegiances splinter in November.

Blame Starbucks. When they came out with the “London Fog” a few years ago, I was hooked. It made me feel urban. And European. And poetic. And warm.

Yep. Duped by the marketing mega-brand. So, I stuck it to the man when I figured out that I could order an Earl Grey with steamed milk, and get the same drink for $1.50 less.

Then I really stuck it to the man by discovering this November delight is more delightful (and organic) at The Coffee Loft, a local small-time joy that brands itself as a “European Style Coffee House.” (Drats! Duped again!) Adding to the experience: great music like Edward Sharpe & Bon Iver.
So, once again this November, I’m crossing the aisle (and the street) to shake hands with Tea!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Slice of Utopia Pie

Fairhope is something else, isn't it?

(Thank you, Aunt Maggie, for this photo.)
Even though the sultry southern town has evolved away from the original utopian dream, it has managed to hold onto its quirky charm... an amalgam of culture nestled alongside Mobile Bay, attracting off-beat artists and suburbanites alike. And what woman doesn't love a town with an array of public restrooms?!

It is not just Fairhope has taken my heart, but the entirety of Baldwin County: with the Gulf to the south, Mobile to the west, and beautiful rolling farmland all throughout.

Friends (new and old), welcome to Anything but an Oyster.  If you’re from the BC, I'd love your help in discovering this area. If you aren’t… come on down y’all! This site will include cream of the crop in restaurants, activities, artists, events, and interesting people. See ya’ round!