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Friday, June 15, 2012

Comedy, Friends & The App That Changed My Life

Any comedic bone in my body is almost exclusively owed to my best friend in college, Sarah. Sarah is hilarious in a smart, ironic and fun sort of way. So the following book made me miss her terribly:

Is Everyone Hanging Out with Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling. After a few chapters of her book, Mindy and I were on a first name basis. By the end, we became so close that I actually had a dream that we met at a bus stop (!?) and chatted about her book. I told her how I laughed uncontrollably in the chapter “How I Write,” which she also thought was a pretty funny chapter. I also mentioned that I had a blog, but she immediately morphed into her best friend Brenda, who was only mildly concerned about the success of AbaO. (Bren was thinking: That’s so 2009. I know because it was my dream.) My bud, Mindy Kaling, AKA: Kelly Kapoor from The Office*, wrote this book as witty, irreverent memoir-ish essays that will make you smile, sometimes laugh out loud, definitely wish that she was really actually your friend, and possibly creepily work her way into your psyche.

Note: Due to some of the jokes and language, Kaling's book is probably better for a mature audience.

Another friend that taught me to appreciate humor is my former roommate, Jackie. (She has a blog! It's fun!) Jackie has an infectious and uproarious laugh that I wish I could still hear on a regular basis. She introduced me to the author of this book:
She Got Up Off the Couch, by Haven Kimmel. This is actually a sequel to a book called A Girl Named Zippy. Both of these books are loads of fun, chronicling the life of a young girl in small-town Indiana.  Kimmel writes about some tough topics through the eyes of a smart-mouthed kid, so somehow it is just heartwarming and funny. Jackie, along with my other roommates, used to read Zippy aloud to each other and then fall on the floor in fits of laughter. Well, really, Jackie would fall on the floor laughing, which would get the rest of us bowling over like that too. Reading the sequel to Zippy has makes me feel almost like she is down here with me. (But she is coming to visit today! Girls Weekend! Blog to come with lots of exclamation points!!!!!)

I owe any reading suggestions I may have to the Baldwin County Library system app called LS2. This was a game-changer for me. I used to be the worst Library patron in the country, until I could reserve and renew books on my phone!!

Have you read any good books lately? I would appreciate the suggestions!

*I felt really cool and modern telling you this fact, until I found out that she is about to star in her own show, called The Mindy Project. I feel behind the times... clearly I need to move away from the History Channel. Also, Mindy, if you ever read this, you - or someone who works for you - is a marketing genius. I have to watch your show now that we are BFFs. And I am sorry I didn't buy your book. Blame LS2.


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