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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Park It.

Although the Food Truck craze has yet to really take off here in (the other) L.A., I would still like to imagine that I am hip enough to dine at and comment on them.

If I'm not... The bf definitely is...

So Hipsta.
Anyway, we stopped at Mr. Surf's in PCB, on the way out of town and happened upon the food truck parked in the lot beside it.

If the location doesn't give it away, I'm sure you can imagine the crowd that frequents Finn's Island Style Grub. Let's just say my hipstometer was off the charts and my own personal coolmeter was dipping in the single digits. But, I had great company and the fish tacos were brag-worthy, so I was a happy post-camper. The spice was perfect and the price was about right. Plus they topped it with cabbage, so obviously they know what's up.

The greatest deal here was the 2lb. burrito for a measly $6.99. I liked the cilantro-laced refried beans so much that I scarfed down half of J's, even after I ate my own fish taco. (Don't you love a man who has eyes bigger than his stomach?)

Anyway, Finn's a definite revisit. Now that I know the food is solid, I might even go for the ceviche. :)

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