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Monday, July 2, 2012

Music Monday: Pop Music

There are three things I love almost as much as chocolate: Music, Free Stuff & Sunsets. Imagine my surprise when I learned that I could have all three of these things in one evening. (And chocolate to boot!)

As I've already told you, J is a master at impromptu date planning and a few weeks ago he wowed me again. We picked up a huge calzone and salad from The Ravenite*, and went over to The Bluff in Fairhope for a free Baldwin Pops sunset concert. The music was nice and the crowd was watch-worthy. After the concert, we drove down to the The Grand for some hot chocolate and a stroll on the gorgeous live oak covered grounds. Although the hot chocolate is nothing to write home about, I would never pass up a chance to walk around by the Bay! BTW - Did you know they just put up hammocks???

Sorry Ladies, this bf is taken!

*Note about The Ravenite: My days in Atlanta fostered a love for local, grungy, less-than-sanitary-looking pizza joints. This is really my favorite of that genre. They've got the grunge-factor down and the pies are really great. I just wish they served by the slice!

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