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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ode to the DEEP South (New Zealand)

It has been a productive week in the kitchen! Geez Louise, we are going to gain weight with all this deliciousness! Yesterday marked 3 years for J & I, so I made him one of his favorite things in the wide world:

NZ Meat and Cheese Pie!

It was really good, although I don't think I did the real Kiwi version justice. I used this recipe, but it was too ketchupy. Next time I'll probably make a similar version with a tiny bit of tomato paste in place of the ketchup and maybe less soy sauce.

It was funny because I realized as I was cooking that I was wearing a New Zealand shirt from my dear friend Vee. And Justin arrived wearing an All Blacks jersey. Clearly we are smitten with this country! It's not hard to see why:

This is a collage I had printed on a canvas and gave to J for taking me with him to New Zealand in April. It's of pictures we both took on the trip. (By the way, I used a Groupon for this company. It turned out really great, but I had to wait about 5 weeks to get it.) It was an incredible trip, not just for the beauty, but mainly all the new friends I made! Love you guys!


  1. The canvas is amazing. I'll have to try that for our rtw pictures. What size did you pick?

    P.S - you know I love your stories and I'm always reading. Pls keep it up :) ~ Muthoni

    1. Thanks Mu! I've enjoyed hearing about your adventures as well! I got the 3/4 deep, 16X24. I think it was 29.99 with the Groupon.


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