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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


You probably already know this but... J and I are getting married!

(Photo by talented future brother in law.)

I am so excited. First and foremost, because I get to hang out with this guy for the rest of my life:

Secondly, because I get to see all the people I love most! It is one of my favorite things when thinking about a wedding - that all of my (& Justin's) best people will be in one place at one time. I can't wait!

Lastly, because I love all things local, I'm going to get a chance to share some of my favorite Baldwin County highlights with loved ones far and wide. While I don't want my blog to become a wedding site (I'm not up to the task,) I would LOVE to tell you all about some of the local flavor we'll be touting on the big day! So stay tuned. I've got some good ones coming. :)

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