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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spring Time

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend! I learned two things over the three-day break. First: You can fit 7 people onto a one person kayak.

(There is still some debate about who finally tipped us.)

Also, I had no idea how many incredibly beautiful fresh (and cold) water springs decorate the Florida Panhandle.

Cypress Springs
We rented a few extra kayaks from Old Cypress Canoe Rentals, a new mom-and-pop company that rents out canoes, kayaks and rafts. The equipment is brand-new and they let us stay out as long as we wanted. We were able to explore the main attraction, Cypress Springs (above.) I wish the picture could convey how beautiful it was. Of course, the locals are well aware of their little treasure, and the place was absolutely packed with rowdy friends enjoying Labor Day weekend. It might behoove you to go on a weekday if you are looking for some low-key exploration. We took our time down the rest of the cypress and oak covered river, relishing in the relatively silent scenery.

Kayaking the Morrison Spring Run 

We also explored some of the less popular springs on the creek. They were not nearly as beautiful, but very interesting in their own right. We also paid a visit to Morrison Springs, which is a nice, clear diving spot with some fantastic kayaking opportunities.

We camped at Falling Waters State Park, which also has some interesting geographical features, but it is a bit of a drive to many of the springs.

It was a really nice weekend! Oh, and fear not, my football loving friends, we were able to enjoy both the Bulldogs' and the Bammers' beatdowns with a TV that we ratchet-strapped to a tree.

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