The Low Down

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Forest Grump

This blog starts with a bad mood.

I had to get out of dodge to get this one under control, so I just started walking. Out the back door. Towards the garden. Which keeps flooding... sorry early spring dreams. On my way I noticed some ripe wild blackberries under a tree. Yum! After I stuck a few in my mouth I remembered a (rainy) trek in the backyard a few months back.

The hubs noticed the large number of wild blueberry trees on the pathway, so I decided to go see how they were progressing.


Not only did I score some great berries - I also introduced my legs to the 2014 mosquito population. When I shared this fact, friends graciously told me about Shea Butter and Vitamin B12 as bug deterrents and Orajel as a soothing relief. Who knew?! These facts may take my foraging dreams and my pancakes to a new level.

An afternoon in the woods and an antioxidant-full breakfast-for-supper turned out to be just what I needed.

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